TRANCELEPSY trance music album «TRANCELEPSY»
Trance music album created in 2006 by
Andrew Oudot and Denis Isakov
Duration: 01:06:58
Contains: 11 tracks
Music by Andrew Oudot & Denis Isakov
Album artwork by Denis Isakov
Genre: Trance, Electronic, Experimental
Published by Andrew Oudot and Denis Isakov in 2017 as the Digital Download Album and available in lossless quality at the


Trancelepsy | trance music album artwork


Data block 0001

It’s all white       just white         it     it is light   –   just so bright.
familiar voice         So near     Who is that?
me, in fact       me !!?       but
Who am I?     and why am I under water!?
Yes, that sure is my voice! I’m talking! Me   my goodness     How many bubbles Feels like this thing is pulling me up to the surface
Strange     I still       can’t move
It’s so light here   the seat released me but     there’s nobody around
            that’s weird.
I thought Dad was going to meet me?!     He just doesn’t know that I woke up!
Gotta find him          it’s urgent!!!
That’s why he wasn’t there – the compartments are flooded and he just doesn’t have a mask!         Sure – there’s no way without a mask.
I have been swimming for so long, and the compartments seem endless.
! Did something flash? or       it seems like there’s light over there!
      There’s definitely light over there – I found it!
Yeah, I found     a being hovering in the beam of light,
its hands are sprawled   –   just like it’s flying.
It might be him! I see it’s similar,   I don’t even see, it seems like I just know?
I think he has been silent for pretty long       staying still.
He’s thermally neutral as well       I guess It’s wrong.
Gotta get out of the water – the temperature is starting to inhibit my movements. There’s gotta be an exit somewhere     There’s gotta be someone else!

Data block 0002

Such a big hallway and just one door? No, seems like there’s a tunnel over there.
Yes   a tunnel       So this way?   since there’s no other way to go

!Lord, this thing almost knocked me down!     but I guess its door opened for me.
The lights flicker so fast, so fast! what… why am I crying, when I’m not afraid
    I don’t know, whatever! – just crying.   Everything around here is great!

Data block 0003

So many running letters here   flashing, running, hanging around!
Why do these guys wanna try something – after all, there’s nothing in here. Except       What is this, me?
feeling the structure of the surface, it is a wall     smooth and bright.
sending out, receiving, reflecting - reflected photons! – My reflection….
It’s clear now – my name is human. I’m just like those people on the screens!
That’s why there are screens in here, as though I’m not alone anymore
It’s so great to know that   ...   and   to feel.

“use cursor to set elevator’s direction”   ...   What does elevator mean?
I don’t know         Anyway, I know "cursor"

Data block 0004

What a big hall and…and     I ... I gotta recall     stars ?
      so many       Maybe it’s a screen, a huge screen?
Weird, it seems like all “this” is moving?
What a strange voice       what deck!?     I didn’t get it! Hey!...
what jump?!     say it again ~ !
              the floor is shaking
Gotta     get up   ...   C’mon!
Eyes!         take it easy,         it’s from the flash – it will go away.
Gotta go       slowly         silently
away from here.

Data block 0005

It’s so dark and cold here     and my fingers are steaming
what’s the temperature here?     This covering is crunching under my feet ...
it seems there’s a light at the end       that way.
Wait! . . . it was there a noise!?   or   someone is watching . . .
no   -   better   . . .  RUN!!!
Did the flash knock me down, or did I just fall over!? . . . he’s flying this way!
The door is so near       get up and     run    RUN!!!

Data block 0006

Great, it’s an elevator     again     but it is just . . .
what is this   . . .   my hands       disobey
He’ll break through the door!       And what about the cursor?!
C’mon!       Move   . . .       GO!!!
The twinkle of the compartments is calming me down  
I’ll sit for now   . . .   for a while     I . . .
what is this . . . what is this, pouring bullets?
something from above   . . .   he broke through!? . . . Where is he!?
how hard to see   . . .   C’mon go faster!     Where’s   the speed control!?
Got it! – oh, stupid   . . .   the button is just stuck!
                strange place for laughing   . . .
I really don’t wanna go out       seems there’s nobody around      
some     familiar things,     let me   see       Hey, I know how it works.
              !that’s loud!
there are lights       . . .       and now nine charges

Data block 0007

A long passage   but lamps light up with every step   as if they were alive!
It’s light so I can go faster . . .double-time! – it’d save time and . . .
better keep an eye   on the dark niches   you can hardly see the light from behind the cones     but they sparkle so beautifully!
Good! Less that six minutes . . . what are these drops behind me?
. . .   Maybe from above?

Data block 0008

So     this is flight control     everything is working but . . . still nobody around
What fatigue       so suddenly?     I’ll   . . .   sit
just for a little while       And what if?     Anyway, still nobody around!
          . . .     STARS

Data block 0009

. . . Add a painkiller! for the first time . . . how many eyes do you have!?
Never turn on before I say… being afraid is so stupid… this is your father new life… new life… let it rest; it’s early yet… basic functions? Do you know how many eyes you have one… one… one… one !turn it on! Compatibility is a complex process… too early to make conclusions just when I come back? Say it again agaaain ... everybody stand back - discharge!!!

Data block 0010

why did I fall asleep?       So get up       why is it so hard
everything’s floating somehow     After all, something dropped on me
in the passage       my back is smudged     Oh!     easy . . .
no other way       gotta go on foot
Are these voices coming from around me or from my head?
. . . Don’t drop down!       Hold the tube in front of you     like this . . .and . . .
Get up       c’mon       rise and shine!

Data block 0011

I’m back! . . . . .           I’m back.      
Dad is still not around . . .
so     I’ll sleep
     he’ll come and wake me up
I’ll be better   . . .       when I take a rest
bubbles   . . .   I like you so much…               My eyes are watering . . .

so much


Original story by Andrew Oudot


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