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We happen to be in the era of staying safe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Cautions are being taken to be safe from the novel corona virus from social distancing, nose masks, hand wash, etc. The economic difficulties induced by the pandemic have seen an increase in the activities of burglars and other domestic accidents. It therefore becomes necessary that you secure your homes and family from burglar’s activities in times like this as well as stay safe from domestic accidents. The good news is that by incorporating just a few tips, your home can be even safer than it is now. With the incorporation/combination of several different products and approaches, your homes and family can be safe to dwell in by day and by night.

  1. Install Alarm/ Security Systems.

Top on the home security tips is an alarm system; a system that alerts you of a breach and even capable of neutralizing threats all by itself. Protecting potential entrances is a great step toward securing your home and when it comes to the activities of burglars, the openings in the home is the focal point to secure; these points are the door and the window. For these, add window/door sensors; also known as open/closed or entry sensors. When properly installed, to a window or a door, they’ll let you know when a door or window opens or shuts. Doors and window Sensors comes in different forms with varying capabilities like those that can turn your bedroom light if opened at late hours or send out messages when you are away and more. Additionally, a glass break sensor can be added as this listens for the sound of glass breaking in cases of forced entry and most importantly is a smoke detector for fire safety. Here is a guide to buying smoke detectors for home use.

  1. Don’t rely on Chain Lock, Add a door brace

Chain lock can secure your door, but they are not reliable because with enough force intruders can easily break them. If you must have a chain lock, add door brace or deadbolt to it.  Bolt a door brace behind your entryway door. When in the locked position, the bolt helps a door sustain several hundred pounds of blunt force. Note that deadbolt can be a fire hazard, in using it on your doors, lock only when you’re asleep or need extra protection.

  1. Light up the dark

How you make use of lights in your home has the tendency to attract or repel intruders.  Normally intruders love sneaking around and breaking into homes unaware. The darkness around makes them comfortable to launch and attack. When it is dark outside and you must keep indoor lights on, make sure your window blinds are shut. If intruders can see into your home from the dark, it’s an advantage to them against you. Porch light should be kept on after sunset. If turning porch lights on and off by nights and day will be stressing, consider using automated porch light that turns on after sunset and off at sunrise. Same should be done for your backyard as well as all potential entrance areas. It makes it harder for intruders to sneak around. Light automation can help your home look alive when you are away There exists Companies like BeON which base their entire home security model around light automation. This mimics your at-home behavior. Other home automation companies allow you to create custom schedules or even personalized actions.

  1. Be Cautious with Heat and Fires

Heats and fires are internal threats to the safety of a home and are essential in every home in heating and cooking. Since we can’t do without heat and fire, we must be cautious in its use. Common sources of fire outbreak in homes includes sparks from fire place, candle lights, electrical surge, space heaters, cooking stove, indoor smoking, etc. If you’ve got a wood-burning fireplace, invest in a fireplace screen. It’ll prevent sparks from getting on the floor (potential fire hazard) and also keep curious little hands away from the fire (burning hazard).  Space heaters never leave your heater unattended, and keep debris and flammable objects at a safe distance. It’s also a good idea to dust out the inside of space heater on a regular basis (but not when it’s running). Candles smell nice and create a romantic ambiance, but don’t leave them burning unattended. If you can’t stand to sit still long enough to babysit a candle, diffuse oils or use dimmable lights instead. If you’re going to smoke, smoke outside! Smoking indoors is both a health and safety hazard. Check with the local fire department, they often provide free services to homeowners, including fire safety checks and even free smoke alarm programs. Plan for Fire outbreak by create a home evacuation plan and practice it quarterly with your family. Make sure your kids know how to unlock their bedroom windows and push out the screens if needed. Invest in Surge protectors to protect your electronic devices from surges of electricity like those caused by lightning strikes.

  1. Manage Fences and Landscape.

Fence your whole yard with a solid fence. A solid fence with a sturdy side-yard gate can help keep out unwanted intruders. Of course—make sure that it locks, and keep it locked. Clean up your landscaping. Don’t give a burglar a place to hide. Tidy overgrown landscaping. Keep bushes trim, and pick up your walkways while you’re at it. You don’t want to create a tripping hazard for yourself by cluttering up sidewalks. Plant landscaping with safety in mind such as planting thorny plants near windows.

  1. Don’t multitask while cooking

Most domestic accidents occur as a result of attempting to multitask while cooking. Don’t leave food on the stovetop unattended. If there are other activities that require your attention, it should be of close proximity to the point of cooking. If you have to answer a text or sift through the mail, stay nearby. Keep pot and pan handles turned so kids can’t reach them, or better yet keep the kids out of the kitchen.

  1. Be cautious with tools and Equipment

Keep harmful tools out of the reach of children and don’t supply burglars with tools. Keep things like ladders and tools that can give burglars easy access to your home. Don’t mow the lawn with kids (or anyone else) around. Pebbles and sticks can be flung around by the lawnmower. If you must allow your older kids mow the lawn, be around to monitor them. Chemicals and reagents used in home cleaning and other household tasks as medication should be kept out of the kitchen and away from food. Cough drops look like candy. Pills look like candy. Shaving cream looks like whip cream! Kids don’t always know the difference, so it’s best to keep poisonous products out of reach.

  1. Invest in home maintenance

Carryout routine maintenance checks of mechanical and electrical properties within your homes to identify and rectify faults that can threaten your safety later in the future. Maintaining your home not only prevent your home from falling apart but also gives you peace of mind, it makes safe your finances to a certain extent by reducing repair/ replacement of home equipment as well as improves the resale value when you decide to move out.

  1. Keep a First Aid Box Near

A well-stocked first aid box kept within easy reach is a must have at home for emergency situations that requires quick medical attention before the arrival of medical personnel. You cannot fully talk about home safety without mentioning the need for a first aid kit. Added to this should be a first manual to help guide the administration of first aid treatment.

  1. Get a handy weapon

While securing the surroundings of your home, self-defense is important as well. Acquire basic self-defense skills with a handy weapon. It mustn’t sophisticated; perhaps just simple homemade weapon for personal protection such as pepper spray, taser, slingshot, spiked bat,  etc. if you can afford a gun where owning one is legal, go for it.

In conclusion, staying safe is a high priority and figuring out how to secure your home is not a rocket science. Use the above mentioned tips to get started.




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