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Best Sharpening Stone for Secateurs

picture of secateurs

The secateur is a garden tool that has two short sharp blades and is used for cutting plant stems used with one hand. it is used in pruning plants as well as harvesting. The secateur is not different from the pruners. The terms secateurs and pruners are used for the same tool. the variation of use is dependent on geographic location. Depending on where you live, you will use one or the other term to identify the hand tool.  The term “Pruner” is commonly used in America, Canada, Philippines, and some other countries, while the secateur is used mostly in the UK.

One challenge with secateurs as well as with most cutting tools having sharp edges is that they get blunt over time while in use. To continue using and get the best result from it use efficiently, it has to be sharpened from time to time. this where sharpeners for secateurs come into play. though there exist multi-pose sharpening tool that may serve in sharpening other tools like the secateur, but the challenge is that, these succeed mostly in damaging the tool. so it is best you use the recommended sharpener for each tool like the secateur shapner.

There are different types of sharpeners for the secuteur base the materials used in manufacturing them with a history of providing good to excellent quality gear that will get the job done. These range from:

  • Metal files
  • Bonded abrasive whetstones (man-made, rather than those cut from the earth)
  • Carbide sharpeners (“V” shaped, chisel-shaped, and flat shaped)
  • Diamond impregnated tapered rods
  • Diamond impregnated double-sided sharpeners (sometimes called “paddle” sharpeners)
  • Ceramic stones and diamond-impregnated triangular stones
  • Electric motor, belt-driven sharpeners, and grinder

Things to Consider When Buying Secateur Sharpener.

  1. Price

with arrays of options available in the market coming with different price tag, you will need to consider your budget, in the sense of how much you wish to spend in getting one of the best sharpening stones for secateur. it is unwise to buy a secateur that cost more the secateur itself.

      2. Sharpened surface finishing

After sharpening, the sharpener leaves an effect on the secateur some rough and ragged other smooth and polished, when getting a sharpener for secateur you need to ask yourself the question of if you care if the sharpened edge is a little ragged or do I prefer a finely polished surface? Do I want to deburr the edges of my tools to make them very sharp?

     3.  Sharpening Method.

methods of sharpening involves Electric motor, belt-driven sharpeners, and grinders. the intended method of sharpening should be considered when getting yourself a best secateur sharpening stone.

Secateur sharpening stones are either ceramic stones, diamond-impregnated stones or bonded abrasive wet-stones. the mostly have the following pros and cons

Best Sharpening Stone For Secateur

  1. FELCO F902 NR 902 Ceramic Sharpening Stone,

FELCO F902 NR 902 Ceramic Sharpening Stone is a 26 x 16 x 12 cm, Blue by Felco. it is a Ceramic Sharpening Stone It’s easy to use, long-lasting retains its shape, and to remove dirt, simply brush the stone in soapy water. Best recommended secateur sharpening stone.

Low price Can easily chip or break if dropped
Takes off a moderate to large amount of metal on each stroke, depending on the coarseness of the grit If the grit is not bonded tight enough in the manufacturing process, a lot of excess grit will wear off the stone and fall to the floor, making for an after-sharpening cleanup chore.
Can last a long time (if properly manufactured and cared for) Tends to develop concave or convex wear patterns on the stone’s surface if used repeatedly in one area.
Is a good alternative or supplement to a metal file
Does not require oil or water to lubricate the surface while in use (some of the natural stones may require lubricant)
Makes a good deburring tool

        2. Felco Sharpening Tool (F 903) – Grey Hardened Steel Diamond Coated Sharpener Stone

These sharpeners of 3.94 x 0.71 x 0.16 inches dimension and are made of diamond-coated hardened steel. meticulously crafted for pruning shear, knife, and cable cutter blade edges for clean, effortless cuts. Perfect for pruners . The sharpening stone is specifically designed to reach all areas for secateur blade sharpening. This means your shears will stay sharp and your cuts will stay precise. The Felco 903 Diamond Coated Sharpener is a multi-function tool for professional-grade, intensive sharpening and blade strengthening. easy to use as simple as  just rub whetstone along your blade to improve the sharpness and strengthen the blade.
Improves your tools by strengthening blade
Easy to use
retains its shape.
sharpens all areas

      3. Ceramic Stones & Diamond Impregnated Triangular Rod

Spyderco tri-angle sharpmaker

Ceramic stones are made from synthetic sapphire, making them very hard and an excellent tool for sharpening metal implements. Diamond impregnated triangular rods have small diamond particles bonded to a metal surface.


Multiple sharpening applications


  • Fits into very small serrated pockets (not reachable with a tapered diamond rod).
  • Extremely long life (equal to if not longer than diamond impregnated sharpeners and certainly longer than a metal file).
  • Great for keeping what is already sharp – extremely sharp vs. heavy duty material removal.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can sharpen a variety of knife edges or chisel ground tools including scissors and chisels (for tree root pruning).


  • Ceramic sharpeners if dropped can chip or break.
  • Remove the least amount of material of all the sharpeners (except the diamond impregnated triangle rods).

Ceramic Stones We Reviewed


Spyderco 400F

This tool was initially designed “for sharpening detailed tools like woodcarving tools, gouges, and dental devices”. I specifically requested this set to file some super small serrations in the Fiskars Billhook. The triangular and teardrop files were absolutely perfect, reaching all the nooks and crannies in the blade and making the Billhook extremely sharp. In contrast, even the smallest diameter diamond tapered rod ground the tops off these serrations, making them useless. (As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m a perfectionist and needed the right tool for the right job.)

The Spyderco 400F set also includes a square and round file. These are nice to hone the edges of pruners, loppers, hedge shears, stick pruners and the like. Their small size (5” long) makes them ideal for intricate work and easy to carry into the field. They come in a nice leather pouch.


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