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Top 10 Best Gardening Gloves

Gardening is a perfect hobby, that brings you closer to nature and gives you ample outdoor leisure time with nature. It is such a wonderful experience cultivating the space in your yard, planting and tending your plants as they grow from edible vegetables plants to trees to ornamental crops for landscaping. It will be great benefits to you as the cultivator and to your garden if have have the essential tools ready in the shed as this will go along way in easing your tasks as a gardener.


First on the list of top 10 must have garden tools is the Gardening gloves, despite being the most underrated gardening tool. Gardening gloves are essential as they protect your hands against dirt and injury. A large part of gardening activities is done with the hand in  pulling weeds, tilling the earth, and digging up roots. These really have a number of negative impact on your hands and so, to protect yourself from dirt, thorns, chemicals, and other irritants; you need a good pair of gardening gloves.


You probably have an inexpensive cotton made gloves lying all around which you may have been using but haven’t done a nice job as desired in giving you that protect against elements that tends to harm your hands. This is because cotton gets torn, easily, it gets wet, and it doesn’t last that long.

Buying guide.

To get the best out of gardening gloves, consider the following buying guide.

Material made of.

As stated earlier, the most common gloves found in most homes are made of cotton which easily gets torn and wet. It is therefore advisable to get gloves made of other materials that can  withstand messier tasks. Consider Nitrile-coated gloves or better yet, a leather pair.

Puncture and moisture resistant.

The main protection that gardening gloves give is against piercing from thorns and harmful moist irritants. For instance, if you’re dealing with thorny branches or plants, a pair of puncture resistant gloves will guard your hands and wrists against splinters, scratches and scrapes. It is therefore wise to buy gloves that are made from materials or designed in such a manner that makes them puncture and moisture resistant.

Major Activity.

To get the best out of a gardening gloves, you need to consider the major activity in the garden. This implies that at different stages of planting and tending your garden, you will require different kinds of gloves. From digging gloves to pruning gloves to, weeding, to pesticides application, etc. The lightness or thickness of the gloves depends on the major activity. For instance dealing with tenter plant will require light and less thick gardening gloves so as to have a cautious feel of the plant  gentle handling of the plant while heavy duty tasks with stones will require a thicker gloves.

Ease of gripping.

Gardening gloves provides a layer to the hands and should allow you to grip onto tools as well as make use of your hand as if they aren’t there. Efficiency in gardening with gloves will be reduced if the gloves doesn’t give you that freedom to efficiently make use of your hands.

Fittings and flexibility

Gardening gloves should have a snug or adjustable cuff to keep soil and debris from falling inside the glove. While gloves should fit snugly, they should not be too tight. if they’re too tight they’ll limit your movements and wear out more quickly. Dexterity is incredibly important when it comes to garden gloves, so you’ll need to find some in which your fingers move freely. You should be able to make a fist in your gloves, even if it is made out of stiffer material

Glove Padding

Most, if not all, gardening gloves will have padding around specific parts of your hand to provide extra protection. While this feature is incredibly useful, it is most important to ensure that padded gloves will work for the type of gardening you’re doing. You want to be able to still make a fist, regardless of the padding. The padding should also not be too slippery, as you do not want it to get in the way of using your tools. In most cases, you will also want reinforced fingertips on your gloves, as this layer can provide extra protection from the elements, as well as thorns and your tools.

Cleaning after use.

You sure won’t want to but gardening gloves that cannot be cleaned after use. What that implies is that you will have to be buying gloves everyday. It is is therefore worth considering the ability of the gloves to be cleaned after use for reuse. Stretchable synthetic knit fabric gloves that are partially dipped in nitrile are perfect for general gardening tasks and can be washed and line-dried when necessary.


Money is very important for those on a tight budget. The cost should also be borne in mind when buying gardening glove. The choice should be the fo between expensive cheap.


10 best gardening gloves.


Clip Gloves Bamboo Fibre

Clipi gloves bamboo fibre is made from soft, thin and breathable bamboo with a latex coating and an excellent, snug fit. Elasticated cuffs make them easy to get on and off and stops soil and debris falling inside when you’re working, and they feel comfortable enough for all day wear. The bamboo is soft and breathable, so despite the latex your hands don’t feel hot or sweaty and it absorbs moisture and insulates well. The latex coating gives good grip for holding tools.

Comfortable and light Bamboo snags occasionally
Easy to get out on and off Not conducive for heavy duty taskS
Second-skin fit
Feel strong
Excellent value for money


Clip Gloves Shock Absorber.

The Clip Glove Shock Absorbers are well-fitted and comfortable gloves made from The spandex back moulds to the hand which makes the glove flexible. It is excellent for heavy duty garden task without restricting with the aid of synthetic leather palm and fingers. The palms are provided with extra padding to give extra protection and reinforced. These are not for seed sowing but are ideal for any heavy-duty work. A neoprene and Velcro wrist strap ensures the gloves fit well and are comfortable. as with all Clip Gloves they come with a carabiner for attaching the gloves to a belt or for hanging them up in the shed.

Comfortable and well fitting Price is a bit on the high end.
Comes with extra padding
Good dexterity
Great for heavy duty jobs without being cumbersome
Sturdy and durable


Gold Leaf The Dry Touch

Made from a soft, grain leather  treated to add water resistance these gloves are fully lined and feel soft and snug inside, particularly in winter. They’re extremely supple and pliant and fit really well, moulding quickly to the hand with a tight fit over the fingers and thumbs that gives great movement and dexterity. They feel very comfortable and the high-quality leather gives them a tough but luxurious touch. The water resistance is good and although they’re not completely waterproof they’ll keep your hands dry through most jobs bar working in the pond. They’re available in two sizes, Ladies and Gents.

Feels Comfortable with good fitting Expensive
made of soft and high-quality leather Not completely water-resistant
Tough and durable
Water-resistance beyond average


Clip Gloves General Purpose

synthetic leather palm, spandex back and reinforced fingers. An adjustable velcro wrist strap gives a snug fit but needs to be undone every time you take them off and put them on, which can be fiddly. They’re comfortable and breathable and don’t feel bulky or stiff and are tailored to fit. Grip is good but you can’t feel what you’re doing quite as well as with thinner gloves.

The gloves aren’t insulated and are made from synthetic rather than real leather, so they’re not particularly warm but they’re ideal for spring to autumn wear. They aren’t waterproof either but dry out quickly and don’t stiffen or change shape and they’re very comfortable in dry weather. As with all Clip Gloves, an aluminium carabiner clips onto a hook on the cuff of each glove so they can be easily attached to your belt hook or hung up in the shed. They come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Fits nicely into the palm and comfortable Lack warmth
Comes with extra Padding and reinforcments to knuckles Not water resistant unconducive for moist conditions
Great for medium duty work Not washable
Hardly wears out


Stihl ThermoGrip

This is made from thick PES knit and a heavy-duty, latex palm and fingers. They are soft and feels soft and comfortable to thee hand when worn as well as a perfect fit to the hands offering an  excellent warmth and water resistance in the dampest, coldest months (although the backs will get wet eventually). They are very chunky, so the snug warmth they provide in the coldest weather comes at the price of a lack of dexterity but given you may well have lost the feeling in your fingers with thinner gloves, it’s a small price to pay! The latex also gives very good grip, which does help. Elasticated wrists make them easy to get on and off and prevents soil or plant material falling into the gloves when you’re working. They come in various  sizes.

Comfortable and snug Its Bulky and inflexible
Offers an excellent Warm feeling Lacks dexterity
good for very cold weather Not fully water resisistant
Provides a good grip tool
Great value for money
Easy to get on and off


Burgon and Ball Love the Gloves

Burgon and Ball’s Love the Glove comes in a stylish fabrics and designs best for women.These are red tweed and have artificial suede palms and fingers, elastic with breathable mesh between the fingers and a leather trim on the cuff. They fit well and are snug around the fingers and thumb offering a good grip for whatever task you’re doing.  this gardening glove also comes with an adjustable wrist strap that helps achieving a snug, secure fitting possible. it is a bit fiddly which implies that putting on and off the glove is a bit difficult taking a bit longer time when compared to others. Padded palms provide extra cushioning and protection. These are comfortable gloves and particularly good for holding tools.

Comfortable and snug Wrist Strap is a bit fiddly
Provides good dexterity and control
Well padded
Strong and durable
Visually appealing


Town and Country Weedmaster Bamboo

These gloves from Town and Country are soft, comfortable and easy to take on and off. However, the sizing does run a little big. The latex was thicker than on some other gloves tested so provides good protection and grip, but it does limit the dexterity. A good option for everyday tasks.

Comfy to the hands Not conducive for extreme cold weather
Good for everyday tasks
provides a good grip, well with tools


Niwaki Gardening Gloves

The Niwaki Gardening Gloves have a second skin feel that makes them comfortable and breathable. They’re easy to take on and off, but are very thin so may not be as durable as others on test. A good choice for all day use on light, delicate work such as seed sowing, weeding and potting on.

Comfortable Lack durability
Provide a feeling of having a Second skin
Water resistant


Garden genie gloves / Gardening glove with claws

made of Latex, Nylon and ABS Material that Pull On closure. this gardening glove is Easy for Digging and Quick Planting- The garden genie gloves are designed to help gardeners dig, plant, and rack with more ease, they are easy to use and you’ll be able to actually wear a tool rather than carrying and storing it. These are ideal for digging, planting seeds and seedlings, to remove weeds, to loosen the soil around your veggies or even to aerate the soil in flower pots. Waterproof and Breathable Design- Nylon knitting on the back of the hand, comfortable and breathable to keeps your hands clean & dry even in summer; and these genie gloves are waterproof and you’ll be able to use them all dry or damp soil and in all weathers, they are also easy to clean. The material is also resistant to punctures and cuts, keeping your hands protected from thorns or other sharp objects. Elastic Material – the claws are made of durable ABS plastic and are integrated into the design. You won’t be able to take them off and will not risk losing them. And the glove is made of rubber polyester, durable and flexible to protect your hands and fingers.

Garden Gloves with Claws for Women and Men outdoor Digging Planting Weeding Seed


Durable and flexible
puncture and water resistant
Comes with plastic claw for digging through soils

Clip Gloves Cosy Garden Gloves

The Cosy Garden Gloves from Clip Gloves are warm and thick without being bulky. Features include water-resistant latex, good grip and a carabiner to clip onto a belt. A good choice for the cooler, but not freezing, months.

Snug, soft and comfortable Not conducive for freezing days
Good control and dexterity
Grip well
Good for cooler weather


Depending on the weather condition, type of task (heavy, middle or mild duty task), budget, flexibility etc. any of the above pick will serve you well in protecting your hand from harm in your gardening experience.


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